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Anxiety and Substance Abuse – 
We Can Treat Both at the Same Time

Patrick B. McGrath, Ph.D.

Patrick B. McGrath, Ph.D., is the Assistant Vice President of Residential Services for AMITA Health Behavioral Medicine Institute. He is the Executive Director of the Foglia Family Foundation Residential Treatment Center and the Executive Director for the Center for Anxiety and OCD and the School Anxiety / School Refusal Programs at AMITA Health Alexian Brothers Behavioral Health Hospital. He is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board and the Conference Planning Committee of the International OCD Foundation, as well as the President of OCD Midwest and Anxiety Centers of Illinois. He is also a Conference Reviewer for ADAA and a member of the Speakers Bureau and Conference Planning Committee for ABCT. He is the author of a stress management workbook called “Don’t Try Harder, Try Different,” as well as “The OCD Answer Book,” and has been featured on radio and TV stations across the country, including National Public Radio and PBS. He was also featured on the Discovery Health Channel’s Documentary “Anxious,” and on three episodes of “Hoarding: Buried Alive,” for The Learning Channel.

Program Description: 
We have done a disservice to those who are anxious and those who have abused substances. We have tried to treat the problem. We have not treated the co-occurring problems. It is time to change that and it is time to recognize A) that our anxious patients use substances to escape their uncomfortable emotional experiences, B) that our substance abusing patients can handle being triggered and must learn to handle being triggered, and C) that our anxious and substance abusing patients are stuck and do not want to give up their safety seeking behaviors and maladaptive coping strategies. This talk will challenge attendees to look beyond treating a substance abuse disorder or an anxiety disorder and to consider all patients as having co-occurring disorders. Maybe someone has depression and anxiety, maybe someone has a substance abuse problem and is a problem gambler – what if we stopped looking at treating one problem at a time and looked at treating the whole person all at once. This talk will work to make the case for this and will discuss how it is being done at AMITA Health Foglia Family Foundation Residential Treatment Center. 


  • Participants will learn a new way to conceptualize co-occurring disorders.
  • Participants will learn how to treat a co-occurring disorder instead of just focusing on one disorder at a time.
  • Participants will learn how to challenge safety seeking behaviors and maladaptive coping strategies.

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