Member of the Year Award

NIEAPA Chapter Members have the opportunity to nominate a fellow active Chapter Member in good standing for the honor of Member of the Year. Please name a person who you believe deserves to be recognized for his or her outstanding service to the Chapter and to the field of Employee Assistance. The Awards Committee, which is comprised of previous winners, will review the candidates' qualifications and select a winner.  The Member of the Year will receive the award during the luncheon at the NIEAPA Annual Conference on June 5, 2018.


Please include in your written response:

  • The reasons your nominee qualifies for the award.
  • Specific information about the person's character and contributions to the Chapter and to the field of Employee Assistance.


1988                      Bill Schleicher

1989                      Mike Stroden

1990                      Mary Ellen Kane                                         

1991                      Judy Dorsey                                                  

1992                      Barbara McKinney Jackson

1993                      Shari Ligett & Leo Miller

1994                      Beverly Younger-Urban 

1995                      Vicki O’Donnell  

1996                      Scott Cullen-Benson

1997                      Edie Bernstein

1998                      Linda Bienecke  

1999                      Bill Heffernan  

2000                      Gary Cohen

2001                      Amy Adlington  

2002                      Michael Goldman

2003                      Dawn Zumstein-Marie

2004                      Steven M. Haught

2005                      Jan Reisch  

2006               Andrea Landsman

2007               Laura Adams

2008               Chris Drake

2009               Chet Taranowski

2010               Marco Jacome

2011               Tom Delegatto

2012               Priscilla Murphy

2013               Charley Galassini

2014               Rick Kronberg

2015               Doug LaBelle

2016               Linda Lewaniak

2017               Paul Fitzgerald

2018 Kathleen Horton

2019 Carole Hoffman


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