Past Conference Speaker Presentations

2017 Integration of Clinical Excellence and Cultural Competency

Achieving Clinical Excellence - Keynote Speaker: Scott D. Miller

Three Steps to Superior Performance
 Presented by: Scott D. Miller

Impairment Proofing Your Workplace: Best Practices for Managing Impaired Employees
Presented by: Tony Pacione and Robin Belleau

What is all this gender business, and what does it have to do with my business?: Transgender and gender nonconformity in the workplace, Presented by: Margot Jacquot

Grief in the Workplace: What really happens in the 21st century, Presented by: Rachel Kodanaz

"One Orlando" - EAP Response to Mass ShootingPresented by: Jeff Gorter

Using Transdiagnostic Model to treat complex patients with Co-Occurring Disorders, 
Presented by: Linda Lewaniak and Lara Effland

Engaging Male Clients in CounselingPresented by: Bob Carty

Watch Your MouthPresented by: Cheri DeMoss

Creating a compassionate workplace, Presented by: Chet Taranowski

It’s All in Your BrainPresented by: Tatyana Fertelmeyster

2016 Awareness, Passion and Advocacy: Strategies to Enhance Workplace Engagement

Substance Addiction: Treatment and Beyond Diagnosis, Presented by: Zachary Kordik

Informing Treatment with Outcome Data,
Presented by: Siobhan A Morse and Jennifer Patterson

Embracing Complexity in Trans – Affirmative Care,  Presented by: Rena McDaniel and Ian Bonner

Protect Your Parents from ExploitationPresented by: Kerry Peck

Acceptance, Commitment, Therapy and Addiction, Presented by: Joseph Troncale
Additional Materials Available Here

Connecting Differences in a Workplace (*Cultural Diversity Topic), 
Presented by: Tatyana Fertelmeyster

Overcoming Destructive Anger, Presented by: Bernard Golden

Broadening the Value of Critical Incident Response, Presented by: Jeff Gorter

A Modern Addiction: Social Networking and Technology, Presented by: Alexandra Lopez

Moving EAP into Health 2.0 World, Presented by: Rich Paul

2015 - People, Purpose and Passion: Innovative Approaches
2014 - Transforming the EAP Industry for the Changing Healthcare Environment
2013 - Supporting the Multifaceted Needs of Employers and Employees
2012 - Today's Resilience = Tomorrow's Rewards
2011 - EAP Challenges and Choices
2010 - EAP: New Vistas and Valuable Insights
2009 - EAP: Leading Change in Challenging Times

2008 - Collaboration Leadership Innovation - Strategies for Workplace Professionals
2007 - Performance and Well-Being: Focusing on the Solution
2006 - Mastering the Momentum: Keeping Pace with the EAP Profession

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