The NIEAPA Peer Consultation Forum provides a discussion format for EAPs engaged in providing clinical services directly to clients. Discussions revolve around issues affecting EAPs’ work and clients. Topics may be submitted prior to the meeting, but discussion topics usually emerge ad hoc from attendees. The NIEAPA Peer Consultation Forum meets 5 times throughout the year.  

For more information or to request a particular discussion topic, please contact Paul Fitzgerald at 

Communicate with other NIEAPA Members through our Listserv

What is a Listserv?
A listserv is an electronic discussion board that enables NIEAPA members who have subscribed to the list to communicate with one another using a special e-mailing program.

Why join?
NIEAPA's Chapter Listserv provides a focused opportunity for networking as well as a forum for discussing issues of specific importance to our membership.

How do I join?
To join the listserv please email indicating your new membership and the email in which you would like to be added to the group.

What happens next?
Membership in the listserv means instant communication with a large number of EAPs in our community. Your e-mail address is placed on the special mailing list. If you or others on the list have a question relevant to EAP practice, the message is posted. All the members of the listserv then receive a copy of your message. They can choose to respond with an answer to your question or contribute ideas of their own. The listserv can be particularly handy for seeking information about referrals in the community. It can also be useful for conducting on-line discussions about clinical, administrative or even philosophical issues related to EAPs.

Are the messages reviewed before they are posted?
Yes. When you send a message the administrator will review it for relevance to this group. The administrator reserves the right to determine if a message is inappropriate. Please keep the messages pertinent to EAP practice. We will post messages about workshops important to our community. We will not post advertisements for individual services. If you wish to advertise a service, please purchase a paid advertisement in our Newsletter though our Administrator at

Who can be a member?
Participation in this service is limited to current paid members of EAPA and NIEAPA. We will verify membership by checking the lists we receive monthly from EAPA. You will be removed from the listserv if your membership expires or if you request to be taken off. A member may be dropped from the list if the administrator determines that the member is abusing the listserv opportunity.

Northern Illinois EAPA Listserv Guidelines and Etiquette:

  1. To avoid members feeling burdened by too many messages, postings are limited to:
    • Job announcements
    • Requests for referral resources
    • Personal announcements (retirement, new job)
    • EAPA and NIEAPA specific announcements
    • Links to relevant research articles (but not advertisements)
  2. Please remember that our listserv is a private communication portal for NIEAPA members only. Please do not share the content of any posts (via email, social media or conversations) outside of NIEAPA unless expressly approved by the member who posted.
  3. Please reply directly to fellow members to thank or congratulate them. There is a "reply to sender" option which is useful. The listserv moderators will reject all thank you messages, as these will not be relevant to the other listserv members.
  4. The listserv is moderated by Kim Branch.  She sill approve/deny everything posted. Please direct any questions to Kim:
  5. Only NIEAPA members can post messages on the listserv and otherwise participate. EAPA members from other chapters can post job announcements when appropriate.
  6. Please post announcements about educational and other events that your organization is hosting to the calendar (free of charge to members), and feel free to post them on our LinkedIn page. Submit an event for the calendar here.
  7. If a posting is not felt to be appropriate for the listserv the sender will be notified.
  8. We will periodically review the listserv list and remove individuals with lapsed NIEAPA membership.
  9. Please tell other EAP professionals about the listserv (particularly uninformed NIEAPA members) and remind them that they can participate in this valuable resource if their NIEAPA membership is current.
  10. Members have consistently been courteous and professional to each other on the listserv, and we hope that this will continue. Thank you.
Northern Illinois Chapter Employee Assistance Professionals Association (NIEAPA)

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