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"Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Military Sexual Trauma, and Moral Injury:

The Invisible Wounds of War and Military Service"

Road Home Program for Veterans and their Families

PRESENTER BIO: Brian J. Klassen, PhD, is an assistant professor of psychiatry at Rush University Medical Center and staff psychologist in The Road Home Program: The National Center of Excellence for Veterans and Their Families. Klassen’s clinical work involves providing individual and group psychotherapy to both combat veterans and survivors of military sexual trauma (MST). Klassen is regularly involved in the Road Home’s Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), and he has received special training in two of the front-line evidence-based treatments for PTSD: Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) and Prolonged Exposure (PE). As a teacher and mentor, Klassen regularly offers trainings and supervision in best-practices for diagnosing and treating PTSD that have included chaplains, social workers, and psychiatry residents. He particularly enjoys challenging misperceptions about PTSD as either a character flaw or as a chronic, untreatable condition. Klassen’s research and scholarly work is particularly interested in guilt and shame following ethical dilemmas that service members face in war zone situations as well as decreasing stigma and increasing access to mental health services for veterans —particularly through leveraging local clergy. A graduate of Calvin College and Wayne State University, Klassen completed his clinical training in the PTSD, addiction, and chronic pain clinics of the Jesse Brown Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Chicago. 



  • Clearly define and give examples of psychological trauma
  • Moral Injury-Related and Military Sexual Traumas
  • Explain how moral injury and MST same/different from other traumas
  • Understand how trauma might (or might not) result in PTSD
  • Discuss why resilience to trauma is the norm
  • Identify risk and protective factors
  • Recognize the symptoms of PTSD
  • Discuss effective Treatments for PTSD
  • Medications
  • Psychotherapy
  • Trauma-focused treatments
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (for MST)
  • Understand the special case of Moral Injury
  • What’s new about moral injury
  • Prevalence
  • Treatment (therapy, spiritual counseling, re-engagement in community)
  • Self-care and vicarious trauma for caregivers (therapists, family members)


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Once all information is reviewed, certificates will be created for each individual and emailed to them as a pdf. Please be patient with us as it will take a bit of time for this manual process!

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