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Resource Directory

The Resource Directory is a central source of services that fall under the EAP umbrella. This directory is available to all and is a great tool. We encourage you to use and share with your colleagues. Please review the Promise of Confidentiality listed below.

Promise of Confidentiality
This informational service  is provided by NIEAPA ICAPP for individuals who are interested in learning more about serious life problems. These issues my include, but are not limited to life problems such as alcoholism, drug addiction, mental health issues, family abuse situations, violence, trauma and suicide. We realize that individuals who visit our site may only at this time be seeking credible information on very sensitive issues and wish to remain anonymous. Therefore, this service is confidential to all who use it. We will not ask for any personal information. And, we do not track, nor keep any email information on visitors of this site.

The listing of resources are groups that have been providing information and services to communities for many years and are considered competent and trust worthy. But, NIEAPA and its members are not responsible for any information given out to individuals seeking help by these listed providers.

We do strongly recommend that if, after visiting this site you have concerns, or wish more detailed information about a personal issue, that you contact your Employee Assistance professional. If you do not know who your employee assistance professional is, please consider calling the following:

  • Your Human Resource Department
  • Your health insurance carrier, ( or check your health insurance card to see if that information is available)
  • Other resources to help with these issues would be a licensed professional counselor, licensed social worker, your primary care physician or a trusted friend who has dealt with a serious problem that you are currently researching.

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