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Resources for Nurse Anesthetists

American Association of Nurse Anesthetists

AANA Depression & Suicide

AANA Peer Assistance


AANA Position Statement and Policy Considerations
Addressing Substance Use Disorder for Anesthesia Professionals (2016)

AANA Approved Treatment Programs

CRNA/SRNA Help for Alcohol or Other Drug Concerns
Call the AANA Peer Assistance Helpline for live, confidential and individualized help and support for yourself or a nurse anesthetists colleague: 800-654-5167 AVAILABLE 24/7.

*Listing on our Resource Directory does not constitute an endorsement by NIEAPA or any of its members. All listings are subject to approval of the NIEAPA Board.

Northern Illinois Chapter Employee Assistance Professionals Association (NIEAPA)

Address: 400 E. Randolph #3115, Chicago. IL 60601
Phone: +1 (312) 756-7756
Email: nieapa@corpevent.com

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